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Clinical Trial Supply Management Services


Phase 1: Startup

Prepare well in advance of FPI to avoid problems when study initiates

  • Prepare a Supply Plan

  • Sourcing and Procurement Strategy (Centrally, Regionally, and/or Locally)

  • Manage and Track Costs effectively

  • Site Initial Supply & Equipment Installation (Delivery, setup and training)

  • Global Storage and Distribution

  • Kitting

  • Printing of Investigator and Customer Materials


Phase 2: Maintenance

Ensure strategy maintains activity at site level during study

  • Ongoing Sourcing and Procurement

  • Multi-site Depot Inventory Management

  • Site Supply & Predictive Resupply Distribution

  • Regulatory Compliance and Reporting

  • IOR Services

  • Equipment Maintenance (Calibration, Repair/Replace, IQ/OQ)


Phase 3: Closeout

Ensure that you plan to fully close out the study

  1. Reconciliation of physical items and Records

  2. Final disposition
    of Materials

  3. SCM review and data analysis

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